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Publié le 30 avril 2014

Every year, ACID supports 20 to 30 feature films, fiction and documentaries. ACID works with :

ACID aims to build the exposure of films over time, to ensure that all audiences have access to films.
Working closely with distributors, ACID promotes films among cinema programmers in over 350 independent venues.
In order to educate and diversify audiences, ACID organizes over 400 Q&As, masterclasses and concerts with directors, scriptwriters, actors, composers.

Films supported by ACID are watched throughout the year by programmers from 100 festivals in over 40 countries worldwide. These international partnerships allow them to discover and access films that often do not have a distributor or a sales agent as well as the filmmakers’ trips for a hundred Q&As each year.

ACID hosts a network of audience members.
Education is also an important part of the activities of ACID through partnerships with boards of education, high schools, universities, cultural associations as well as the organization of screenings for schools and workshops in vacation centres and penitentiaries. ACID publishes educational documents when films are released.

ACID is a place of solidarity where filmmakers of all generations and backgrounds come together. Since its creation, the association has been fighting against exposure inequalities for films and also works on political proposals to improve the distribution of independent cinema.

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ACID is a film directors association that has been promoting the diffusion of independent films in movie theatres and encouraging debates between authors and the audience for 23 years. The strength of ACID is its founding principle : the support brought by filmmakers to other filmmakers, French or foreign.

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