ACID Program in the Cannes Film Festival

ACID has had its own programme at the Cannes International Film Festival since 1993. It screens nine feature films, fiction and documentary, chosen by ACID filmmakers among hundreds of works from all around the world.

ACID filmmakers follow their love for a film and wish to give visibility to directors whose work is scarcely distributed, in order to facilitate a theatrical release.

ACID’s Cannes programme is a meeting for distributors, film programmers and international festivals. It allows them to see films and for ACID to rely on the programmers’ feedback to prepare the releases.

The screenings, in the presence of ACID filmmakers and the films’ crews, are also open to the public and to high school students of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

The films shown in Cannes are then accompanied by ACID and its filmmakers in the various stages of the theatrical release (search for distributors / promotion / programming / organization of the Q&A’s / audience research).

Among authors discovered in ACID Cannes are :
Lucas Belvaux, Serge Bozon, Djinn Carrénard, Vincent Dieutre, Rachid Djaïdani, Alain Gomis, Arnaud et Jean-Marie Larrieu, Hicham Lasri, Ursula Meier, Avi Mograbi, Yolande Moreau et Gilles Porte, Nicolás Pereda, Pierre Schoeller, Claire Simon, Justine Triet…

ACID Cannes 2014 programme rerun will take place on September 26th-28th at the Nouveau Latina in Paris, from october 3rd to 5th at the Comoedia in Lyon and in over fifteen venues in the Ile-de-France region in september-october.


BROOKLYN by Pascal Tessaud
FRANCE / 2014 / 83’

With : Kt Gorique, R. Uchiwa, J. Naciri, L. Rovere, V. Ruggia, Blade Mc, D. Gonzales, B. Show, Houaby, Akram, Inaya, Bouzid, S. Guem, Zirko, M. Leroy, A. Mechoub, JP. Bathany, N. Pounta, Vr, Poops, E. Shiro
Screenplay : P. Tessaud
Cinematography : F. Rodesch, S. Bages, P. Tessaud
Editing : N. Milteau, A. Normand
Sound : A. Abrard, E. Bizet, C. Fontaine
Music : Khulibai, C. Di Benedetto, DJ Dusty

Coralie runs away from Switzerland. She arrives in Paris to take her chance into Hip Hop music. She’s hired as a cook in a local association in the parisian suburb of Saint-Denis. Coralie meets Issa, the rising star of the hood…

THE WAY OUT by Petr Vaclav
CESTA VEN (Je m’en sortirai)

With : Klaudia Dudová, David Ištok, Natálie Hlavácová
Screenplay : Petr Vaclav
Cinematography : Štepán Kucera
Editing : Florent Mangeot
Sound : Daniel Nemec, Ivan Horák

2013, North Bohemia. Zaneta aspires to an impossible future for a modern young gypsy woman : to live an ordinary life. Under - equipped, she’s struggling against a hostile society, and in spite of it all, trying to preserve both her love and her dignity.

CHALLAT OF TUNIS by Kaouther Ben Hania

With : Jallel Dridi, Moufida Dridi, Mohamed Slim Bouchiha, Narimène Saidane
Screenplay : Kaouther Ben Hania
Cinematography : Sofian El Fani
Editing : Nadia Ben Rachid
Sound : Moez Cheikh
Music : Benjamin Violet, Si Lemhaf

In pre-revolution Tunis, a moped rider, razor blade in hand, prowls the streets, slashing the most beautiful buttocks of women walking the streets. His name, “The Challat”. Ten years later, a young female director seeks him out to make him answer for his crimes.

THE GIRL AND THE RIVER by Aurélia Georges
FRANCE / 2014 / 65’

With : Sabrina Seyvecou, Guillaume Allardi, Serge Bozon, Françoise Lebrun
Screenplay : Sarah Jacquet, Aurélia Georges
Cinematography : Julien Guillery, Nicolas Contant, Hugues Geminiani, Thomas Favel
Editing : Martial Salomon
Sound : Loïc Pommiès, Rosalie Revoyre, Luc Meilland, Jocelyn Robert
Music : Vadim Sher

Nouk and Samuel are in love, young, over-possessive and clumsy. One day Nouk abruptly loses Samuel. He ends up in limbo. Will Nouk’s crazy hope tear him away from the afterlife ?

MERCURIALES by Virgil Vernier
FRANCE / 2014 / 108’

With : Philippine Stindel, Ana Neborac, Annabelle Lengronne, Jad Solesme, Sadio Niakaté
Screenplay : Virgil Vernier, Mariette Désert
Cinematography : Jordane Chouzenoux
Editing : Raphaëlle Martin-Holger
Sound : Julien Sicart, Simon Apostolou
Music : James Ferraro

“This story takes place in a far distant time, a time of violence.
All throughout Europe, a war was spreading.
In a city there lived two sisters...”

NEW TERRITORIES by Fabianny Deschamps
FRANCE / 2014 / 88’

With : Eve Bitoun, Yilin Yang, Dimitri Sani
Screenplay : Fabianny Deschamps
Cinematography : Tommaso Fiorilli
Editing : Raphaëlle Martin-Holger
Sound : Alexandre Hecker
Music : Olaf Hund

Eve, a French woman, comes to conquer the Chinese market with a new funeral process. Li Yu, a Chinese worker, is about to be smuggled to Hong Kong in search for a better life. On the edge of two worlds, between fascination, possession and death, their fates will be brought together...

INSECURE by Marianne Tardieu
FRANCE / 2014 / 83’

With : Reda Kateb, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Moussa Mansaly, Rashid Debbouze, Serge Renko, Hassan N’dibona, Mohamed Mouloudi
Screenplay : Nadine Lamari, Marianne Tardieu
Cinematography : Jordane Chouzenoux
Editing : Thomas Marchand
Sound : Nicolas Paturle, Julien Roig, Matthieu Langlet
Music : Sayem

Chérif, in his thirties and having moved back in with his parents, is trying to pass the nursing exam. In the meantime, he’s working as a security guard. He manages to pass the written part of the exam and meets a woman he likes, Jenny. One night, Chérif’s life goes off the rails…

RULES OF THE GAME by Claudine Bories & Patrice Chagnard
FRANCE / 2014 / 106’

Screenplay : Claudine Bories and Patrice Chagnard
Cinematography : Patrice Chagnard
Editing : Stéphanie Goldschmidt
Sound : Benjamin Van de Vielle, Pierre Carrasco

Lolita hates to smile. Kévin doesn’t know how to sell himself. Hamid doesn’t like bosses. They are twenty. They have no qualifications. They are looking for work. Over six months, the coaches of an employment consultancy firm are going to teach them the attitudes and language required to get a job in today’s market. Through this apprenticeship, the film reveals the absurdity of these new rules of the game.

FRANCE / 2014 / 80’

Cinematography : Ioanis Nuguet
Editing : Ioanis Nuguet, Anne Lorrière
Sound : Maissoun Zeineddine, Marie Clotilde Chery, Jean-François Briand, Alexandre Gallerand, Marc Nouyrigat
Music : Aurélie Ménétrieux, Milk Coffee & Sugar

Two Rrom children are taken in by a young trapezist and live with her in a bigtop on the outskirts of Paris. Now the brother and sister, 13 and 10 years old, are torn between the new destiny that this peaceful haven offers them and their parents, still living in the streets.

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ACID is a film directors association that has been promoting the diffusion of independent films in movie theatres and encouraging debates between authors and the audience for 22 years. The strength of ACID is its founding principle : the support brought by filmmakers to other filmmakers, French or foreign.

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