Discover the ACID Cannes 2024 programme

« Do you wish, this year, to see bodies, made of silence, of speech, and of light? Come on and join our cinema. Childhood memories like teenage experiences will be greeted with a special and joyful attention. They will sometimes trick us with optical and editing effects, as if transmission and ruptures depended on it. Maze-like, the present will mislead us through rambles and paths beaten by the camera. Characters will toil away, shake family bonds, failing schools, intimate defeats ; reinvent blood ties and cross spaces to embrace hopes and crazes. They will fight like crazy, with the light touch of those who are still in love. The day after, balance will come between incarnation, humor, exalted light. Bodies will become the medium through which catastrophes pass: they will hide their passion for resistance in plain sight. ACID 2024's programme offers to be a jewel case for these works. Our arms open up, as wide as we can, for our 9 films daringly carried to Cannes, for the ill-treated Argentine cinema, and above all, for those we will continue to program in all corners of France and the world. »

14 of us screened hundreds of films and programmed 9 of them. Amongst them, 6 first feature films, 6 fictions and 3 documentaries, and as every year, a particular attention given to films without distributors. 

We cannot wait to welcome you in Cannes from May 15 to 24, to unveil this programme. More than ever, these times to exchange around films - and more - are precious to us. 


ACID Programming Filmmakers 2024

Romain André, Viken Armenian, Damien Faure, Pascale Hannoyer, Thomas Jenkoe, Julien Meunier, Fanny Molins, Marion Naccache, Reza Serkanian, Clara Teper, Laure Vermeersch, Pamela Varela, Marc-Antoine Vaugeois, Aliona Zagurovska

ACID Cannes 2024 programme

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