The ACID programme in Cannes

The call for entries for ACID Cannes 2019 has opened on December 17th and will close on March 21st.

During the Cannes Film Festival, ACID (Association for the Distribution of Independant Cinema) presents around nine feature films. This programme is shown at Les Arcades, Studio 13 and Alexandre III, movie theaters in Cannes.



- Feature films (running time 60 minutes minimum)

- Fiction or documentary

- Films produced after May 1st, 2018

- Screening formats in Cannes: DCP with French and English subtitles

- Films with no previous release in French theatres, television, Internet or VOD

- Films not previously selected in Locarno, Venice or Berlin.

* For films without a French distributor:

- Films produced for cinema (no television film)

Films that have been submitted for previous editions will not be reconsidered for ACID Cannes 2019, even under a new editing.


> The entry form must be sent to (with a vimeo link)

> 3 DVDs must be sent directly to this address, with the documents signed: 

ACID / Amaury Augé

14 rue Alexandre Parodi

75010 Paris, France

> Any submission of a feature film must include payment of entry fee:

  • Earlybird: 30€ till January 6th
  • 50€ from January 7th till March 7th
  • 80€ from March 8th till March 21st

For more information:

The ACID programme at the Cannes International Film Festival was created in 1993. Films are chosen by fifteen or so filmmakers, members of the association. It screens nine feature films, fiction and documentary, chosen among hundreds of works from all around the world.

ACID filmmakers follow their love for a film and wish to give visibility to directors whose work is scarcely distributed, in order to facilitate a theatrical release.

The screenings, open to professionals and also to the public are all followed by Q&As with the films' crews and ACID filmmakers who supported the films.

The films shown in Cannes are then accompanied by ACID and its filmmakers in the various stages of the theatrical release (search for distributors / promotion / programming / organization of the Q&A's / audience research).

Among authors whose first features were programmed in ACID Cannes are: Lucas Belvaux, Serge Bozon, Djinn Carrénard, Vincent Dieutre, Rachid Djaïdani, Benoit Forgeard, Alain Gomis, Arnaud et Jean-Marie Larrieu, Hicham Lasri, Ursula Meier, Avi Mograbi, Yolande Moreau et Gilles Porte, Nathan Nicholovitch, Ioanis Nuguet, Nicolás Pereda, Pierre Schoeller, Claire Simon, Justine Triet

ACID is a film directors association that has been promoting the distribution of independent cinema in movie theatres since 1992. The founding principle : the support brought by filmmakers to other filmmakers, French or foreign.

ACID's support does not stop with the presentation in Cannes. The chosen directors then become members of the association and get also involved in the support of other filmmakers.

After Cannes, ACID presents the films to 60 festivals in France and abroad.

The ACID Cannes programme is then shown in Paris, in 20 movie theaters in the Parisian area, in Lyon, and internationally.

ACID also helps the director find a distributor in France, and when one is found, works on the release (promotion / programming / Q&A's / audience research). ACID then promotes the film among 400 independant movie theaters.

All year long, ACID also organizes Q&As, readings, concerts, in movie theaters and international festivals, in presence either of the film director, the screenplay writer, actors, or the music composer.

ACID is also: partnerships with schools, universities, associations and an audience network throughout the country. 

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